School Policy

Class behavior

  • Respecting your teacher and your fellow classmates is the number one lesson in the dance class. Silence and attention is required at all times during class.
  • All students should listen when the teacher corrects another student, as these suggestions may also apply to them.
  • Students should arrive with proper dance attire, with hair properly secured
  • No food, drinks (except bottled water) or chewing gum in the class room at all times.

Arrival/pickup time

  • For proper warm up and safety reasons, any student arriving later than 15 minutes into the class shall wait at the side of the classroom until receiving instructor’s permission to enter.
  • Students under age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult and should be taken to the bathroom prior to class.
  • Parents/guardians must pick up students promptly at the end of class.

Absence/missed classes

  • Absences prevent the student from learning the material necessary to keep pace with the class.
  • No refund or credit will be given to unexcused absence.
  • Students are required to notify the school prior to absence so impact might be accessed.
  • Make-up class must be completed within a month of the missed class and and within the same paid session for children. No make up class is offer for classes near a session end.
  • If a class is canceled due to an emergency, the class will be made up at a different time/date, or the student may attend another class as a make-up.
  • Participating performance/competition event is a great training class. We encourage and find performance opportunities for our students. If a performance event happens to be at a time of the respective students’ class time, it counts as a regular class.

Registration & Enrollment

  • The non-refundable annual registration fee for each new student is $50. Space will be held in class upon (1) Payment of the registration fee, (2) payment of the first session tuition, and (3) the receipt of the signed registration form.
  • The registration fee for returning students is $20.

Tuition and fees

  • Children’s class tuition is payable by semester, and is due in the first class of each semester. After a grace period of 10 days, a $25 late fee will apply.
  • Adult class tuition is bi-monthly, and is due in the first class of the starting month. Adult students can choose to pay drop-in “hourly” tuition if they can not attend every class in a month.
  • Drop-in class tuition is $30/hour (the same for Children and adults)
  • No partial tuition. Missed class has no money value. Makeup class is based on teacher permission. Makeup credit is not transferable.
  • Other known fees include costume, performance and photo session. Every year our school puts on an annual showcase and all students are given the opportunity to showcase what they have learned to parents and friends in a professional setting. Costumes are specially ordered for and paid by the participating students. Each participating student also contributes a performance fee and photo fee to help defray the cost of the showcase.
**Note: We reserves the right to refuse service to any student, parent, or legal guardian not adhering to the rules set forth in the policies.